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"Well then," Stark called back, "I guess I'll make the six o'clock news.

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He stood behind a truck, refusing to move despite warnings from a flag girl that the driver couldn't see him.

TV series of the '70s," I said. "Remember the endless rounds of good night Elizabeth; good night, Jason; good night Mary Ellen; good night John Boy? Frogs are slower at saying sleep tight, but they also settle down when darkness falls."

Stark's wife, phone in hand, was poised to make the call."

The comment reveals Stark's Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit Grey On Feet

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"I decided they weren't going to dump one more load until we had a consult with the city," says Stark.

respect for nature. "There's a spirit that moves through everything," he says, referring to Lakota beliefs he's adopted.

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"It opened its mouth and stepped towards what it figured was its real dinner. The hen flew into a tree. The rooster joined it. You should have seen that coyote's face," recalls Stark. "It had to be thinking what an idiot I am. It was like one of Aesop's fables."

"We were disappointed to see so much broken asphalt and concrete. We only found out it was there in 2010 a year after the initial path was completed when trucks came back. One day, I found two and a half feet of road bed behind my fence. They were putting the crush on the path to pave it. It would have been two feet higher than it is today.

TransLink built it for the city during the Golden Ears Bridge project. Bark mulch would have been more permeable, says Stark, but an ecological assessment that might have suggested that, wasn't done.

The subject of frogs comes up again. Before the bike path, Stark recalls, "the croaking was so loud people closed their windows at night."

"What's happened here is an environmental disaster, a travesty," Stark says.

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"They [the city] said the path was an add on to the bridge project, and didn't need a study.

gets to the path, and has no place to drain, so it backs uphill. I've said if you compact dirt, you reduce permeability. You've destroyed the kidneys of this area."

"It's a loophole. Instead of changing a project to suit the environment, they've changed the environment to suit their project."

The "Great Mysterious," he says, includes wetlands, and the snakes he taught the local kids to respect.

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Every step we take upon You should be done in a sacred manner; each step should be as a prayer. Prayer to Mother Earth by Black Elk, Lakota (Sioux) Nation, the Great Lakes.

"I negotiated with the city for some relief. They put in a small French drain to catch the water. It wasn't deep enough, but they waited until February 2010 to dig it deeper when it didn't work.

"No water can flow off our subdivision," he says. "It's a swamp. Water Nike Air Presto Breeze Quickstrike White

"That's when the city dumped tons of asphalt and concrete in here and covered it over with sand. They needed a place to dump it I guess.

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An operations manager now wanted to negotiate. "They hauled some preload out to lower the profile of the path."

"Frogs are like The Waltons, the Air Presto Flyknit Women

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The pheasants have gone now, says Stark. They could outwit coyotes, but not the City of Pitt Meadows.

´╗┐Frogs settle down when darkness falls

Stark says negative impacts on the wetland and its wildlife began in 1988.

Stark says frogs and garter snakes also vanished when work began on a bike path from Hammond Road to Airport Way.

Stark's not sure anyone's listening, but hopes the city will create Silver Nike Air Presto a ditching system to drain the hillside and connect it to holes punched through to the slough. Water trickles through some existing pipes; others, above the water level, are dry.

Drainage problems for Wildwood residents remained. Stark says the compacted path acts like a dam preventing water from running off to the slough.

Pheasants sound like spikes pried from planks with a crowbar. Mike Stark of Pitt Meadows remembers the calls in the Katzie Slough wetland behind his house on Wildwood Crescent.

He blames the dense asphalt path for the problems nature and man now share.

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