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When the train is at a station, it is placed back down on the tracks and within a half of a second, it can be lifted back up by magnetic force and ready to go again.

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Morris said the issue may not have hit the climax he alluded to, but that he does believe it will affect voters' choices in upcoming elections.

to get everything, but I would say we'll be able to do at least half, if not more. And that would be really exciting," Morris said.

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POWDER SPRINGS At the end of the dirt paved Burrow Trail in a swampy area of Powder Springs sits a 50,000 pound rail car that looks like something from "The Jetsons." But the white, bubble shaped cart on a rail track is not a figment of the imagination it is the test track for American Maglev Technology, an energy efficient commuter rail option developed right here in Cobb County."We'll run it back and forth and people will pull in and want to know what's going on," said Tony Morris, a Marietta resident, who founded Maglev. "Some people ask if it's a replacement for the space shuttle, some people want to know if it's MARTA sneaking into Cobb. We have fun with it, but the real fun is the fact that we have officially signed our first customers."

Morris said he is hopeful the $300 million, 12 mile track in Puerto Rico, from San Juan to Caguas, which Morris described as the Marietta of San Juan, and the $100 million Phase I of a 20 mile rail system in Guadalajara, Mexico, will begin by the end of this year. Morris said the company is receiving attention from Montreal, Canada; Mendoza, Spain, and several other countries from around the world. Many, such as officials from Korea, Puerto Rico and Mexico, have come out to the swampy land to view the test track and ride the train.

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Morris said Maglev receives parts for the system from 118 companies across the United States.

Morris said the Maglev system uses electromagnetic fields to lift the 50,000 pound vehicle up 3/8ths of an inch.

Morris said Maglev is similar to light rail, but he and his associates prefer the term "mega regional rail," for Maglev because he said light rail tends to be more expensive with heavy, costly vehicles and can use up to 70 percent more energy than the Maglev system.

"We believe a significant number of the vehicles will end up being assembled in Powder Springs, which will bring those clean, green, high tech jobs the President has talked about, right here. We're not going Nike Air Presto Black Green

"When you're sitting on I 75 and you can't get to your kid's baseball game, play or recital because you're sitting in traffic, your object of frustration becomes the government. The recession and unemployment may have slowed it down, but the government's got to become more accountable to our everyday needs," Morris said. "When people go to the ballot box, they will ask, 'Who is trying to deal with this problem?' Everyone is trying to wait 10 years for federal grants and alternate solutions, but I can't imagine what traffic's going to look like in 10 years if things don't change."

´╗┐Futuristic commuter rail gains international attention

Morris said the system travels up to 60 miles per hour, which is the maximum regulations allow.

"When it's lifted up, it's weightless you can even push it because there is no friction. It takes the energy equivalent of 15 hairdryers to lift it, so it's very energy efficient. There's no resistance, no friction, and it's essentially like skiing or ice skating down the track," he said. "It uses just enough energy for wind resistance, to go up hills, that sort of thing."

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Morris said his company created the test track in 2006 and found the location with the help of Georgia Power officials.

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In 1991, when Morris owned a consulting firm on the Marietta Square and the Braves were in talks about moving to Cobb County, he was approached about rail options to get commuters from Atlanta to Cobb, he said, and he developed Maglev in response. On Friday, Morris announced that his company had signed nearly $400 million worth of agreements with Puerto Rican and Mexican officials to bring his dream to their towns. 41 corridor, Morris said his hometown system would be an extremely viable option, though no state Nike Air Presto Women Black

In fact, Ga. House Speaker David Ralston took a weeklong trip to Germany last Thanksgiving to look at rail lines there with the $17,000 trip financed by lobbyists pushing a high speed rail line between Atlanta and Chattanooga.

officials have contacted him about Maglev and only a few county officials have expressed some interest in past years.

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"We are giving estimates that it would cost around $20 million per mile. That is in comparison to what the Federal Transit Administration says the costs are for light rail around $100 million per mile," he said. "And when MARTA was in talks to expand into Gwinnett, published reports said it would cost about $220 million per mile to bring MARTA into Gwinnett. So we're clearly much less and we're a very, very lightweight system that has Presto Nike Jd no moving parts, is much lighter, much cheaper to implement, runs on an automated system, and uses 60 percent less energy than other systems and is much, much cheaper over its useful life. There are all kinds of smarts built into the vehicle. It would have smaller stations than others and it leaves a smaller footprint on the environment."

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Journal wrote about Morris in 2007, he predicted traffic congestion would become a social issue by 2010, much like abortion and illegal immigration, because people would be frustrated by missing family time because of overcrowded traffic.

Morris said his Maglev train is relatively inexpensive.

"We chose it because it was convenient and we needed some unique capabilities, so people could see how even in the swamp we could build and operate the system. I'm a Campbell (High School) grad, I grew up in Smyrna, went to school at Georgia Tech, and have been living in Marietta for decades, so this is my home," he said. "We were very lucky to find a spot that's been so good to us," Morris said.

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