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I have had predictions of revenue from the rest of the model from 30 300 million a year however I have yet to fully understand the power of what I am wanting to build. I have no clue how retail professionals caculate those numbers but several have all agreed I have that type of potential or higher.

Nike Presto Woven

Nike Presto Woven

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Ambitious indeed. What Craig explains is very true. There would have to be a substantial seed capital available to fund the initial steps to reach the shovel in the ground status.

In this market, It will be impossible to finance without plans or initial approvals in place. There aren many, if any, lenders out there willing to take entitlement risk anymore, which means development money is coming out of your pocket. unless you got the cash you have to partner up with someone (or some company) that does.

I looking for lots of advice. I dreamed up a state of the art retail concept store that is based around a outdoor mall retal. I am looking to purchase 80 acres of interstate farm land property in a rural area and master plan a outdoor mall. I can get tiff funding, rural economic development grants, and I have sold part my idea to people with gree building technology who have high intrest in building and promoting it. I have been quoted upwards of 2.5 million in branding and architectual conceptual modeling. However I was trying to find ways to cut down the planning figures. Once the plans are done I planning on selling the "retail space and concept to many diffrent companies. I am able to extend an enterprize zone to the location, At around 65100 dollars per square foot. I am working the sourounding land owners to allow me have full control over their property if it gets commercialy developed later on down the road as a direct result of my project. So that way i have compete power over who locates onto the land and can take a percentage for selling it.

correct it going to take alot of seasoned knowlege to get it correctly off the ground and the key to it is to do it on a minimalistic scale. There are two issues. 1 the peice of real esate master planning and 2 the planning of how to sell it properly for the rest of the vision to work properly.

You might want to research some of the successful regional developers in your area and share your vision with them. before you do, you might want to get the land under contract or at least under your control with some kind of option that protects you from other more Nike Air Presto Greedy Price

developmental companies and other supporters? Supporting a rural project?

The scope of this project would put you in the class of a very large regional developer. If you have not yet developed property on that scale it will be hard to pull something off of this magnitude. Not impossible, but hard.

fiscally sound developers jumping in and stealing it from you.

Despite where the market is, there still are investors and ultra high net worth individuals with deep pockets looking for opportunities. The only questions is how much do they want in return from investing in one of the worst economies in history. The majority of our aggressive firms and investment funds has sought out higher returns (in some cases 3 5 fold more than a similar project a year back). Though once again, if the project is very strong, it makes the process much easier.

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Nike Presto Woven

i can get financed up to 20 million in real estate from rurual economic grants and doing it multiple uncondition ways is the smartest using the least of invester money as possible. I would just be missing the 25% Red Nike Air Prestos

We have worked with many venture capitalists and private money to find projects that make a greater impact on the community, and incentives provided by the state; ie economic development grants, (aside from the usual entrepreneurial incentives profit).

Nike Presto Woven

Nike Presto Woven

Nike Presto Woven

THe problem is everyone wants to "SEE IT" and they want me to develop all the plans beforehand. How would I go about seeking investors for such a project to help with the planning phase? I am going to have to have it planned out and designed out conceptialy before i can sell it to the next set of people for the next phase.

The real estate mall is what is needed to make my vision work. If someone were to build and lease it back. My companies goal is to own the entire property at the end paying as minimal per square foot cost as possible. That would be the exit stragetigy for the real estate.

Nike Presto Woven

Nike Presto Woven

Either way. It may not be able to be built at once and all at one time however to take a piece of land and start slapping up buildings on it would be ruination and frankley stupid. Only adding after income is somewhat getting established. However I going to have to have a entire diffrent set of retail investors on flip side of the real estate.

to do it. And before that happens. I have to have a plan.

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Nike Presto Woven

How can I find somenoe willing to invest into "Planning"?

In a rural community am I not like a massive write off for larger Air Presto Acronym For Sale

Just to give you a quick idea of how our investors look at a projects like this; 1) you would have to have an entire strategy laid out for proposal, 2) a solid exit strategy, 3) borrower/investor equity, 4) experience/seasoned partners, and 5) overall project cost. Depending on how much yield Nike Presto Woven potential the project has, there are various means of funding a project such as yours; venture capital, private money, public offering, private placements, and etc.

I think the true secrete to acheiving this is to finding the developmental dollars showing the vision to other companies and saying this is what i building are you willing to help sponors it. Nothing more powerfull than a young person with a passion and a younger pereson with support is even more deadly.

Nike Presto Woven

ft mall in rural area how to get f

As far as investors go, on a speculative development like this i look for a return in the high teens to low 20 Especially if i was putting in seed capital.

My business model has absolutly no place to go but up up up and when starting from scratch it a completly new and exciting thing.

Nike Presto Woven

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