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The rapid growth was noticed by other bankers who suggested in the Democrat Gazette article that Dykema was a risk taker. Don Walker, then president of the Bankof Bentonville, said Dykema was "pushing his attempt to grow to the edge."

"They were so farout on the commercial lending curve that they failed before most banks did," Yeager said. "They were more aggressive than other aggressive banks. That's why they failed first."

that year to $250,000 per account.

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"I've always liked money," he told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in a 1997 interview. "Maybe that's why I'm in banking. I just like money."

They say the bank's assertive stance and growth atall costs strategy crashed headlong into the faltering economy.

"When bankers are publishing rates higher than anyone else in the community, it raises eyebrows, even with bankers," said Ken Hammonds, president and CEO of the Arkansas Bankers Association in Little Rock. "It's 'Gosh, how can they pay that rate?' We know where you go to get money and what you can make on it, and when someone starts publishing rates that are considerably higher than everyone else in town, you need to get suspicious."

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"He's not a bad banker," said Walker, now president and CEO of Arvest Tulsa.

Former employees, customers and those in the banking community don't point at any one person for the cause of ANB's collapse.

Yet, some who borrowed money from ANB are mired in bankruptcy and foreclosure after their loans were purchased from the FDIC at firesale prices; huge residential developments in the western United States are languishing in one time boomtowns; and three former employees, not including Alexander, are suing to recover losses after the bank's stock became worthless.

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Reminded of his comments, Walker said it would have been impossible to predict ANB's demise.

FDIC records show ANB building a substantial share of deposits. It had $99.3 million in deposits by June 1996, a 3 percent share ofall bank deposits in Benton and Washington counties considered substantial for a 2 year old bank.

Now, it's clear the bold commercial lending that did so much to fuel the financial hopes of Alexander and pad the pockets of many developers and business owners in Northwest Arkansas ultimately caused the bank to collapse under its own weight.

production office in fast growing St.

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A photo published June 2 that year in the Benton County Daily Record showed Dykema, president of ANB, sporting a T shirt reading "There's a new bank in town" on the bank's first day in business.

Dan Dykema, ANB's president from its founding in 1994 until its demise, had been a rising star at other Northwest Arkansas banks.

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ANB's opening in 1994 seemed to come at a perfect time as newcomers would be looking for a new bank and home loans.

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Dykema and ANB's aggressive lending was notable in 2005, when the bank opened a loan Nike Air Presto Lightning

Tim Yeager, a banking professor at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville,said the federal bailout wouldn't have helped ANB.

When the bank shut its doors, 297 customers had accounts that exceeded the $100,000 limit protected by the FDIC by a total of $19.8 million. The agency in 2008 guaranteed the protection of an account holder's first $100,000, but after ANB and other banks failed, the limit was raised late Nike Presto Black White 2018

By the time Dykema moved from rural Iowa to Arkansas to attend college and then work at banks, Northwest Arkansas was growing Air Presto Gpx Print Sneakers

With concerns mounting about ANB's lending practices, federal regulators shut down the bank in May 2008. bank to fail in 2008, and 22 others crumpledbefore the year was out, according to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. records. In the previous seven years, only 27 banks were shut down.

into a significant metropolitan region. Census Bureau determined that the Fayetteville Springdale Rogers Metropolitan Statistical Area grew in population by 23.7 percent from 1990 96. It was the sixth fastest growing area Nike Presto Grey And Blue of the nation, the bureau said.

"He was comfortable taking more risks than the average banker, and that ultimately did cause the collapse of his bank.

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"That can be dangerous, but I don't think he's in any serious trouble," Walker said at the time.

The Democrat Gazette article published in 1997 told how Dykema opened his first savings account at age 5, and how he was depositing the rewards of his lawn mowing business into a checking account by the time he was 10.

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ANB failed before the federal government took a huge step meant to assist banks. It wasn't until late 2008 that Congress approved the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program that's often referred to as the "bank bailout." By then, ANB was long gone.

´╗┐From risk to ruin

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The FDIC said 31 of the 297 ANB customers hadaccounts that exceeded $250,000, and they will not receive any money above that amount.

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In its early years, ANB paid higher interest rates on certificates of deposit than competitors. Whether by coincidence or caused by ANB's arrival, other Northwest Arkansas banks followed suit.

The aid went to the biggest banks, and ANB wasn't that big.

The financial regulatory overhaul act signed by President Obama on Wednesday made the $250,000 insurance limit permanent and retroactive to the start of 2008. The FDIC already hadrepaid ANB account holders for about one third of their losses above $100,000, using money from the sale of bank assets. Now, the federal agency will cover the remainder up to $250,000.

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