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Tory said he himself supports many of the report's recommendations, but argued that they cannot be implemented without raising property taxes, charging a levy or increasing fares. He added that the TTC board has an obligation to explore whether funding for the recommendations can come from its own internal budget, and to outline other sources of revenue.

If adopted by the board, the report's recommendations will still need approval from city council.

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of the doors? We're going to lose a lot of money."

"We have to either hire somebody to check if these people are actually paying or there must be some other operating expenses to double check if people pay," Ford said. "Now you have a driver who does Nike Air Presto Size 14 that all in one. Who's going to check at the back Nike Air Presto Flyknit Ultra Price

"I think it sends the message that we can make steps now to impact people's lives now without either waiting for gold bricks to fall from the sky or the solution that it will only take place in our grandchildren's time," he said. "Yes, it's going to cost money and we can talk about that."

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Mayoral candidate John Tory is slamming the timing of a report calling for public transit service improvements, saying a vote on it will be rushed without a thorough discussion of how to fund the report's recommendations.

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Appearing on CP24's Live at Noon with Stephen LeDrew, TTC CEO Andy Byford said the city will Nike Presto Slip On

"It is not responsible to have a report that suggests Nike Air Presto White Black

"How can you possibly make thoughtful decisions on behalf of fare paying customers and the taxpayers of Toronto when you have a half billion dollar program you're asked to ask questions about and vote on in five or six or seven days," Tory said. "So, I dont know what the timing of this was all about but I just know it's not the right way to make decisions."

Soknacki lauded the report for recommending changes that should be implemented sooner rather than later.

At a press conference outside Union Station Monday morning, Tory said it is curious that the report, which comes with an annual multi million dollar price tag, was released just two days before it will be presented at a meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission's board.

need to make difficult choices about which of the recommendations can be funded, but these are ideas that the board and council should start thinking about.

Earlier this month, Byford told reporters that he hopes to hire about 100 new fare inspectors at a cost of $8 million annually a cost he believes will be offset by the deterrent effect that gets people to pay their fares. Fare evasion costs the TTC $20 million each year.

´╗┐funding plan in TTC report for service improvement

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross responded to Tory's comments by saying that staff recognize there are funding constraints when they make their recommendations, and that discussions on funding will follow during budget deliberations which will take place toward the end of this year.

"It will probably mean hiring a few more bus drivers, creating some jobs," Chow said. "It may mean some maintenance workers to upgrade some of those buses, but that's the investment we need to make."

"Tomorrow, we're asking for an agreement in principle from the TTC board that these are the sorts of things we wish council to consider," Byford said. "Obviously, council will need to find the money to do that. We recognize that that's not going to be easy, but what we're saying is these are ideas based upon our professional advice and from what customers tell us."

Ford said he will respond to the report in greater detail Wednesday morning from his campaign headquarters.

The other top rival mayoral candidates including Olivia Chow, Karen Stintz, David Soknacki and Sarah Thomson, all welcomed the TTC report for putting forward ideas that are long overdue.

Tory pointed out that the report is proposed to go to the last council meeting, just 10 weeks before the municipal election. He said the process gives very little time for government departments, agencies and politicians to have a thorough discussion on where the funding for the proposed changes will come from.

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Below is the full list of recommendations the TTC is making, along with the capital and annual operating costs for each proposal as outlined in the report:

this level of expenditure of a halfa billion dollars without spelling out how it would be paid for, and I think it's less than responsible for people frankly to vote on it without asking that question and demanding an answer," Torysaid.

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Mayoral incumbent Rob Ford said he also welcomes the recommendations in the TTC report, but that he does not believe the honour system allowing metropass holders to board on the back of streetcars will work effectively.

The report forecasts a capital cost of $288 million spread out over five years, and an annual operating cost increasing in increments from $19 million in 2015 to $69 million in 2018.

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Chow, who has advocated for the expansion of bus service in the past, said the report is a road map that paves the way for "moving people faster now."

The TTC report, titled Opportunities to Improve Transit Service in Toronto, makes a number of staff recommendations aimed at speeding up and increasing service. The TTC board will meet Tuesday to discuss the proposed changes, which include implementing all door boarding on all streetcar routes, expanding the overnight bus and streetcar network, and changing the transfer system to allow riders to travel in any direction within a two hour time period.

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