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The seller took my offer well but was hoping to receive a little more for it. I continued to educate the seller on the nature of the repairs (quite extensive) and the fair market value of the house. The seller needed a day or two to think about the offer. In the mean time I submitted a PDF offer for hisrecords via email (a nice professional touch). A few days later the seller decided to write it up, so we met and filled out the contract.

This appointment was a little more challenging. The property had been turned into a rental unit to help cover the mothersmedical bills. The property also used to be the mothersprimary residence. There was a full family renting out the property now. Not only did I have to bond with the seller, but the renters as well.

to be much lower than the calls I receive off post cards.

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

However, as time passed on, some expensive medical bills came due that they simply did not have the means to pay, thats when the son calledme back the second time. The seller was now under the gun and needed to liquidate the house fast, and had less than a month to do so.

Making The Offer Contract:

In this case one of the criteria I used was out of state absentee owners with high equity within my farm area. I approximate equity by deed date 15+ years back in this case. You can find this information from your local appraisal district or various listing providers.

In this particular instance I wasn't confident enough Nike Air Presto Se Neutral Olive

Sometimes you need some additional time to crunch the numbers. Instead I called back later that evening and made hima fair offer based on the market value of the property and the amount of repairs it needed. Since this property was tenant occupied, and I wanted as few people looking through it, I was a bit more aggressive in my pricing to make sure it would sell.

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

However, if you are looking to market Nike Air Presto Womens 2017

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

At the forefront of my mind is building an excellent rapport with the sellers and trying to connect with them anyway I can. I genuinely care about their problems and will suggest the best course of action based on their situation. If a seller is better suited by a realtor and listing the house traditionally, I let them know.

Related: The Top 5 "Red Flags," to Look For in Determining Motivated SellersWhen I go on appointments the last thing on my mind typically is the house.

´╗┐From Direct Mail to Closing And Everything Else In

to make an offer at the property, although I usually do make an offer in person.

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

People often ask me whatmy marketing piece of choice is, and I always prefer postcards which may surprise some of you. Some investors like to use yellow letters; however, in my own personal split tests I have found yellow letters tend to generate more calls, but the overall lead quality (seller motivation etc)tends Nike Air Presto Triple White Price

The mother had been living in an assisted living center and was suffering with a form of dementia. As a result the mother was capable of making sound decisions, thus her son had been granted power of attorney. When the son initially contacted me he was not all that motivated, and didn even want to set the appointment.

This would make it MUCH easier to move the property later when I had it under contract. Other investors were scheduled to take a Nike Air Presto Mid Volt look at the house that day as well, however the seller felt so comfortable with me hecanceled the remaining appointments (see I told you that rapport building thing would come in handy).

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

The seller also began to reveal to me truly how dire the situation was touching on some of the details I had discussed earlier regarding her mothers living situation and the medical bills that were now due. Because the property was in an area that I was not comfortable with, I let the seller know that I did not intend to close on the house myself, but could likely find one of my colleagues to do so. The seller agreed that giving this a shot would be fine.

For this reason I would like to share one of my past closings, from lead generation to closing, with the BP community. I feel it would be a great way to give back and help others along on their journey.

I knew when I would later have to show the property to investor colleagues later as my intent was to wholesale it. And this would be a challenge if the tenants gave me trouble. The tenants seemed to like me, but also a bit resilient since the property could be sold. Let me make it clear, they did not want to move. To make it easy as possible I took very good pictures and a walk through movie of the property while I was there on the premises.

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

Case studies are on my favorite ways to learn in real estate because this is actual work in the trenches, not just some theories you hear being discussed.

for listings as well as a licensed realtor, it may serve you well to use yellow letters as you may be able to convert some of these prospects into listings. But that's a discussion for another blog post.

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

Many would be real estate investors give up on mailing after having a poor result on the 1 month, so keep mailing! Consistency is the key to a successful direct mail marketing campaign. You will find the longer you continue to mail without giving up the more prospects you will have to fill up your deal pipeline to keep the deals consistent.

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

Of course all this is not to say I don'tdo the normal appointment prep items likehopping on the MLS and research what's going on in that area, or drive the comps and all the other stuff we must do as real estate investors. No, I work on building an excellent rapport first with the seller so I can earn their trust. This allows me to get properties under contract even when my offer may not be the best.

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

Nike Air Presto Mid Volt

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