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Robinson tagged along with his dad to a research farm near Cornell University, where his father was a professor.

The New York native has taught biology at Casper College since about 1990 and was recently nameda Fulbright specialist candidate, making him eligible for grants to travel abroad and present lectures and workshops on his research, which mostly has to do with bees.

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students on Yellowstone study

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Robinson, 61, helped lead a nine day summer biology and creative writing class for a handful of Casper College students in Yellowstone National Park earlier this month.

Robinson is the youngest of five children born to a food scientist and housewife in Phelps, New Air Presto Brazil

He doesn't carry his signature clipboard, piled high with notes written in scratchy print. If he hears a question he can't answer, he and the students research it in a field guide or a textbook.

His resume reads like a grab bag at a career fair.

When Robinson walks, his head is down.

Since graduating with a doctorate in the study of honeybees from Cornell in 1980,Robinson was variously a newspaper reporter, oil field roustabout, issues director for the Wyoming Outdoor Council and a United Nations beekeeping consultant in Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

Some hikers swivel their heads during a walk. They look at the sky, take in the birds, spot a faraway mountain range.

He lives now on a ranch between Glenrock and Douglas on the North Platte River, where he raises bees. He has two sons, 27 and 29, who, like Robinson, play guitar. When Robinson's not working, he's outside.

Explore without hesitation, he tells them, and never stop asking.

Together, teacher and students brought a finger to their lips and tasted the slimy goo. After brief eye contact, they shrugged. Gallup tossed what was Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Red left into the lake, and the group took off down the trail.

Teaching the course in Yellowstone, named "The Yellowstone Experience," is a highlight, he said.

"I'm looking at little things butterflies, insects, lichens," he said. "I could dig into a rotten log all day and be entertained."

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York, the sauerkraut capital of the world. As a child, he raised pet moths with his mother.

It's as if Robinson shares a silent mantra with his students every time he kneels to inspect a plant, poses a leading question or eats moss, which Robinson would call "experimental research."

shows these young people, the 20 year olds, that a guy in my position, 60 years old and counting, doesn't have all the answers," Robinson said. "I think that's an important lesson for them."

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Enthralled by nature

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