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5) Stay focused. Again, real estate investing is not easy and your will secure long term success by first building a solid foundation of knowledge.

Again, welcome to BP. I hope you find all the information you are seeking. I am sure you will find a mentor willing to show you the ropes, especially if you offer to help them in return. Good luck!

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Nike Air Presto Green And Black

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

2) Start to learn your real estate market. Drive around neighborhoods and see how many properties are on the market. Check into prices and attend open houses. The more you know about the market, the more success you will have.

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Nike Air Presto Green And Black

Nike Air Presto Green And Black

6) I am not saying you Nike Air Presto Olive Green

Welcome to BP. I am not sure which guru course you went to but I hope you did not spend too much money, as many of these courses are not much more than a amateurish sales pitch. Getting a deal done in 30 days is a very aggressive goal, especially if that guru course is the only real estate training you have received. I would recommend the following:

will not be able to get a deal done in 30 days, but that should not be your number one priority. If you rush into things you may close a deal in 30 days, but there is a good chance it will be one that loses you money.

A post seeking a mentor needs to be in the "Make Deals, Find Partners, Mentors, etc. forum. I leave this here, with a few edits, since you have a couple of great answers.

and talking to every investors you can find.

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1) Stick around on Bigger Pockets. There are tons of successful real estate investors right here who are more than willing to answer questions and provide advice. Search the forums for the answers you have, as many of them will have been asked and answered already. You will find a goldmine of information here without spending a cent.

If you wanting to rehab, then you have to look even harder to find a good deal. You have to have a house thats in bad enough condition to scare off homeowners so you can buy at a good discount. But not such bad condition that you can turn it around. And you have to have the skills and wisdom to know what to do to maximize your returns. And you have to have money to pull the deal off.

But I just speculating about what you may be wanting to do. What is it you are trying to do?

3) Check into joining a local real estate Nike Presto 2017 Price

Nike Air Presto Green And Black

4) Check out your local library. There are hundreds of books about real estate books. Again, use the forums to find many recommendations by some of BPs top contributors.

If you trying to buy a rental with little cash OR little income OR weak credit, you have a much tougher time.

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It sounds like you expected the 3 day training to be enough to get you a deal. As you can see from others opinion and from my own experience it takes A LOT more than that. Some classroom training and book reading helps get you started but there is no substitute for beating the pavement and looking at houses, making offers, researching comps Womens Nike Air Presto Review

investors association. There are several threads about what to look for in a good association (try a forum search). In general, look for one that does not constantly have people pitching products/programs. Looks for one with a solid group of experienced investors.

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Nike Air Presto Green And Black

I agree with Jon. You are being too vague. The less clear and specific you are the less people will be able to help you.

´╗┐Frustrated in NY area

If you want to wholesale, then I would say you chosen an even harder path. Sorry, did the guru make this sound like an easy way to make some quick cash? To have a good wholesale deal, you need to find a deal that is just as good as what I describe above for it to be attractive Nike Air Presto Green And Black to your end buyer. But then it needs to be that much better still so you can take a cut of it. And, if its a REO or short, it needs to be even better still so you can afford all the roadblocks the banks will put in your way.

When you say you want to do a deal in 30 days, what kind of deal. Even getting to the closing table from a signed contract can often take longer than that. And getting a signed contract can be very time consuming. If you willing to buy any property off the MLS (say, for a rental), and you willing to just pay the asking price, and you have cash or a strong lending situation (25% down, meet all qualifications), then this can be very quick. Call the listing agent and put in your offer. If you trying to do the same thing, but want a great deal, you have to consider a lot of deals and make a lot of offers. A rule of thumb is to look at 100, make 10 offers, buy 1. REOs and short sales offer a chance of getting a good deal, but they slow deals to close.

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