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FYI, the audio of the lectures is also available, but can be difficult to find.

No, these new learning environments need time to grow before they standardize and this particular one brands itself as research which goes along with MITx very well which intends to grow into a certification system for MIT. Coursera and Udacity must have their differences and we'll all be better off with them competing as long as this trend continues.

The Web page you linked to lists it as a "recommended" text, which means it is indeed not the primary text. The required text is Purcell.

format, but this one is explicitly an experiment in the viability of the software they developed.

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Is this a book or video series? I'd be interested if you could provide a link to the series you mention specifically.

Feynman's series on it. It is beautiful and teaches math and critical thinking at the same time.

It also seems that this one in particular it particularly designed to test the online system itself. Others are of course also trying to find a suitable Nike Presto Black Flyknit

There seems to be a theme of duplicate, potentially competing efforts coming from the same universities in the now emerging online course space. First with Coursera vs Udacity coming out of Stanford. Now with MITx vs RELATE coming out of MIT. Wouldn't Nike Air Presto First Release it make more sense for those within the same university to collaborate in order to produce a consistent brand and user experience? Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the fact that these types of educational systems are beginning to take off. I'll be enrolling in as many as time permits. But individual course content aside, it seems like each is reinventing each other's wheel.

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Anyone interested in learning basically all of physics should pick up Nike Presto Qs

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Afair, some of its a little scrappy at the start (poor recording setup?) but his delivery is great. I'm not sure which specific class though.

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The only overlap so far is Coursera and Udacity both teaching computer science 101. That's assuming either one of them actually ever gets a course off the ground. (Coursera is closing in on one month after their announced launch without any signs of life.)

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When movie technology first came out, movie makers used it to film plays. I'm glad they didn't take the approach that they should find the best stage performance of each play, film each one, and turn the collection into the standard movie library, and stop there. They're implementing the obvious ideas now, but a diversity of efforts means more room for experimentation when the obvious ideas are mastered. Nike Presto Premium Tumbled Grey

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I was a Physics PhD student at Berkeley and taught intro physics; none of the classes used Feynman as a primary text to my knowledge.

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They're likely to go for breadth first and depth later, so each effort will have a single introductory macroeconomics course, a single course about the cold war, and a single course about medieval Europe, with each instructor chosen by a small cadre of people administering that particular set of online courses. Until the software is open sourced and polished well enough that these programs start popping up all over the place, we'll be limited to the programs that are independently developing their own technology stack. The more, the better.

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