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One of the earliest pictures on display, dated around 1922, shows Fred Hallam Snr proudly standing at the front of the shop with his 11 year old son John, a string of rabbits stretching across the Nike Air Presto Tuxedo

The horse, however, was still vital for traders. Fred Hallam's was kept in what is now Roundhill School's playing field and formerly the site of the Beeston Wakes Week fair.

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At this time, SJ Beales, known to all Beestonians as Jack, started work as an order boy and went on to become the shop's longest serving employee, working as fish manager in a 53 year career, until he retired at 65.

John Hallam was now in charge of the business and his son Fred would ensure continuity.

"They were cheap and plentiful and at our peak we sold 900 a week."

Cars were a rarity before the First World War, but local engineer Thomas Barton had just launched his first bus service between Long Eaton and Nottingham, via Beeston Square.

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"Wild rabbit was a staple part of the diet for decades which, along with fish and chips, sustained the nation during wartime", explained Fred Jnr, who inherited the business from his father, John, and has since retired.

´╗┐fresh as ever after 100 years

After years of hard graft and the addition of a horse and a cart, he opened his first shop in Wollaton Road, Beeston.

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eat them from the shells before departing to the Conservative Club two doors down", said Fred.

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shop front.

"Today the North Sea fishing grounds are depleted but back then it was said you could walk across the shoals of herrings when they were in season", said Fred.

Oysters too, were plentiful and not the luxury they are today.

"On a Friday my grandmother, Charlotte, would often fillet eight stone of wet fish (112 pounds)", Fred added.

A photograph taken in 1941, at the height of wartime, shows a long line of customers queuing outside the shop.

In those days the shop sold game as well as fish, fruit and vegetables.

Miles said: "We wanted to do something for our customers and felt it was our duty to show the shop in its various stages of history."

Family green grocery orders were dispatched daily by order boys there were four and the shop had a fleet of delivery bicycles.

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The rabbits were freshly trapped or netted and arrived by rail three times a week from Carmarthen in Wales. They would be carefully skinned, Nike Air Presto X Beams

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weighed and chopped, and sold to the customer for up to 2s (20p) for a three pounder.

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The fish sold in those early days was generally cod and haddock, eel, dabs, plaice, herrings and Finnan haddock, as well as smoked fish, kippers and Arbroath smokies. Mostly whole or 'in the round' it had to be hand filleted.

The pelts were sold to a hide merchant for use in fur coats and lining leather gloves. Strung through the eyes, they would be stretched wide and tight and dried across lines in the airy rooms above the shop.

As the town started to expand, Fred Hallam moved to 23 High Road, having bought the property for just 200. The family raised four sons above the shop John, Arthur, George and Frank and Hallams became one of the best known retailers on High Road.

And British waters teemed with them.

"On Sundays after church he would be slipped into a highly polished gig to trot away to Wollaton Park. There, every owner would parade and vie to see who had the best rig."

"As a young boy, my father would often spend the early hours of a Sunday opening a couple of hundred oysters. Some of the local worthies would pop into the shop after church and Nike Presto Price Ph

And to mark the milestone a gallery of old pictures spanning the 100 years is on view in the shop. The evocative images, on display until the end of the year, are creating great interest much to the delight of Miles and Andy Hallam, the fourth generation of the family involved in the business.

"Billy was my grandmother's favourite and when he caught the aroma of something baking he would clatter down the shop entry for a taste of whatever was in the oven", said the founder's grandson, Fred junior.

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Back then families were larger and fish was Nike Air Presto Essential Review much cheaper.

Now the family run business is celebrating its centenary.

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There are still no cars to be seen and the line stretches past the cinema that was once next door.

Only perfect pelts were accepted so great care had to be taken in the skinning process, each one fetching 6d (2.5p).

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BEESTON was a small town of 10,000 people when Fred Hallam opened his fishmonger's business in 1908. Raised in an orphanage, Fred Hallam started out hawking fruit from a barrow in the streets of Ilkeston.

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