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"I believe in cycling and I don't think there are many cheats left," Riblon said. "What I want most of all is to eradicate suspicion. Honestly, I don't really understand why the yellow jersey (Froome) is being put on trial . He doesn't deserve this. When harm is done to the yellow jersey, the whole of cycling is hurt."

"The team owns all that data and the team made the decision to release that data," said Froome. "But, yeah, I'm really happy to hear their findings and to hear their take on it and, basically, backing us up to say that these performances are very good, strong, clean sporting performances."

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He moved up three spots in the overall classification to 62nd.

curtains of people screaming and running alongside them. A man waving a Japanese flag inadvertently caught it on the handlebar of Froome's teammate Richie Porte, giving him a fright.

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Victoria's Ryder Hesjedal won the stage's first climb, a 13 kilometre ascent up Col de Manse, before settling into the peloton and finishing 43rd. Nike Presto Size 13

Although not from the same country or team, Riblon used the limelight of victory as a soapbox to defend Froome against suspicions voiced in some quarters about the British rider's performances.

In a Tour that has offered a kaleidoscope of racing drama and scenic beauty from its June 29 start point on the French island of Corsica, this Stage 18 was the one that most set hearts racing and tongues wagging when organizers unveiled the race route last October.

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Nike Air Presto 2017

"I know what I'm doing is right and I'm extremely proud of what I've done to get here. So no one can take that away from me," he said.

Hesjedal also caused a stir on Twitter with his white framed sunglasses, which look more beach casual than high performance.

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The double ascent to L'Alpe d'Huez made the roadside hordes doubly frenzied. It was as though someone had scooped up an entire outdoor music festival with hundreds of thousands of people, tents, barbecues, colours, smells, noise, outdoor toilets and all and Nike Air Presto Royal Blue

Watching the riders' high wire act on the Col de Sarenne descent, especially a heart in mouth moment when Froome's rival Alberto Contador zipped past him as they sped downhill, was an adrenaline high.

Riding to the line, he fished a dog tag engraved with the names of his wife and two daughters out of his jersey and kissed it.

L'ALPE D'HUEZ, France After five gruelling hours of riding, as he strained and sweated to victory in an eye popping Tour de France stage with crowds that turned cycling's most famous climb into a huge and raucous high mountain party, Christophe Riblon didn't want it to stop.

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The gamble could have backfired horribly had a rider plunged off a missed bend. But feared storms didn't materialize, so the roads didn't become overly treacherous. The racing proved engrossing.

Among the many banners that spectators hung on the switchbacks to L'Alpe d'Huez was one that read: "Froome dope"

Froome's clear physical superiority has raised eyebrows. Because cycling was so let down by Lance Armstrong and his generation of dopers, some observers are finding it hard to believe that Froome could be riding clean even though the sport's anti doping tests are more credible now than when Armstrong was winning and cheating.

And the French got a perfect crescendo when Riblon spared them the indignity of a Tour without a stage win. The last time that happened was 1999. With just three stages left after Thursday to the finish in Paris, French chances were fast running out.

Doing all this in front of hundreds of thousands of screaming fans, several rows deep up 21 steep hairpin bends in the Alps, well, Riblon wanted the pleasure to last and last.

´╗┐Froome defends sizable lead over Contador in Alps

"A Frenchman winning on L'Alpe d'Huez is a beautiful recompense for France and for the Tour de France. We, the French, France, our team, didn't deserve to come out of this Tour de France without a stage victory," said Riblon.

"It was as if the crowds were carrying me. Magical," Riblon said. "The last kilometre (half mile) wasn't long enough. I so would have liked to have profited more from that moment with the crowds. It was incredible. I would have liked for it to go on for 10 kilometres (six miles) like that."

Between the two ascents, the route hared down a sinewy, narrow and risky descent with no safety barriers that some riders, including Tour champion in the making Chris Froome, felt was dangerous.

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scattered them across the mountain. The riders cleaved through Nike Air Presto Black Pack Release Date

Porte dropped back to their team car to fetch an energy bar, rode back and handed it over to Froome. That cost both of them a 20 second time penalty because food supplies weren't allowed that late in the stage.

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To combat suspicion, Froome's team released his performance data from six races, including this Tour, to French sports newspaper L'Equipe. The newspaper reported Thursday that it had an outside expert analyze the data including how much power Froome generated and his climbing times on 18 ascents and that Nike Air Presto 2017 he found "no anomalies."

Having barely put a foot wrong for more than two weeks, Froome ran short of energy on the second ascent to L'Alpe d'Huez, slowing suddenly as he sought assistance from his team.

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L'Equipe, owned by Tour organizers ASO, said Sky also told the newspaper that Froome has had 48 anti doping tests this year, including 19 so far at the Tour before Thursday' stage.

Winning a Tour stage is always special.

When their bodies and minds are already sapped by more than two weeks of racing, it sent the riders should that be victims? not once but twice up the legendary climb to the ski station of L'Alpe d'Huez.

"It's a horrible feeling," Froome said of the sugar low.

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