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Thanks a lot again Michael for the Chance

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Therefore, without using up anymore of the alphabet, the winners are Will Murphy and Keith Lutz.

I have chosen to not get into the "why" behind the determination as I think that would take away from how close it was to make the decision I have made.

How to reply. There have been so many great entries. I would have gotten mine in sooner, but I been busy tiling showers just noticed this thread. I was pretty bummed when I missed out on my first chance. I very thankful to Michael for providing us the chance to enter again.

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65 the average death age is 73. I want to let people know that there is another option

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This choice was difficult. And expensive I kind of feel like the "Bachelor" would feel as all of those beautiful women show up for their rose. Except I don't want to marry any of you.

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to others, so they don have to spend a decade wasting their life. It a very depressing statistic to realize that retirement age is Nike Presto Flyknit Grey

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It very unlikely that you will find anyone else with the dedication I have for this business. At current I sold everything I own except for my tools my truck. I live in my rehabs. I bending every asset I have to turning this into something fantastic. But I feel like I running down hill. I think that the Bigger pockets summit will not only help me develop the skills I will need to finish rounding off my business, but will also allow me to make connections around the country that will help me grow beyond my dreams.

Each will receive 1 ticket plus up to 500 for expenses. Please send your receipts after you attend.

I don know if these are good enough reasons to deserve a "leg up", but I feel like It was something I had to write.

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I never been given anything in my life. I come from a dirt poor family, who taught me all the wrong lessons where it came to money. I worked full time through college. I have been working ever sense. The problem is none every taught me how to work smarter. Or the fact that I would never get anywhere working a typical 9 to 5. It something that I have had to teach myself. I feel that this is one of the saddest realities of our society. The skewed values the out system passes on to our children.

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In fact it was so close. I am going to send two people, besides Andy, to the conference.

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Real Estate is now my life. I still work the same 9 to 5. But when I leave "work" I work on my businesses until midnight . Air Presto Woven Black

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After a bit of partying I realized that I needed to examine my options. I already have a degree that I wasn using. Turns out a Graphic Design (ART) degree was not the best of choices. Its a very low demand field, with a lot of competition not very great pay. I could have taken the risk of Going back to college. But I felt that the debt potential of ending up in another dead end job was not a option. They also didn really provide a solution to my problem. a overwhelming need to do what ever the hell I wanted.

I rented out my primary residence, moved into a 5th wheel started making offers. I made some pretty horrible offers. I willing to admit it. But you don know what you don know and there is a lot of bad information out there. I discovered Bigger Pockets around the time when I won my first property at auction. From the information I received from bigger pockets, I now realize that I got really lucky. Cash flow properties around here are few and far between. I just happened to stumble into my first deal. I rehabbed and rented it in 30 days.

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I like to call it my Quarter life Crisis.

It my goal to grow my business. Then, when I have the opportunity resources, start teaching others what I have had to learn the hard way. Its very important to pass my experiences on Nike Air Presto Acronym On Foot

I would like to thank everyone who participated and who added their opinions. Special thanks must go to Joshua for holding the Summit.

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About two years ago I came to a epiphany, I hate working. A lot. I realized that I didn really want to do it any more. Now get this straight I not talking about the, I want to sit on my ass for the rest of my life collecting a welfare check while watching Oprah, kind of life. I talking about the sailing the world, exploring exotic places kind of not working. It was a rather eye opening experience. Up until then I had always thought that I just hated one job after another. It turns out that I really hated the idea going to a Air Presto Red And White place every day, were I have not control, just to make someone else rich.

At the same time I was watching the value in my primary residence collapse. Admittedly I bought a very cheep house so it could only fall so far. But I was also perpetually stunned by how affordable housing had become. I eventually found myself looking at houses just to look at houses. And the dreams started. I had always thought about becoming a landlord, but the idea never stuck because I couldn make the numbers work. I started running them. the numbers were working. So I started studying.

I guess I should start out an "about me".

At the same time I had a offer in on a short sale. It was a even better deal than the first (also luck). Its a two house property. I just finished up the rehab on the front half I have it rented. I will be starting on the second half soon.

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