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Case Enermax Chakra

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While I am doing something the PC crashes and the screen becomes blue:The Bluescreen seems to happen only after fresh boots ("cold boots"), not after re boots or boot after going in the BIOS, saving exit and booting ("warm boot").

Air Presto Granite

Air Presto Granite

Air Presto Granite

Air Presto Granite

This is what usually happens, exactly: the sounds starts to become weird: the speakers make strange noises, as if someone was moving Air Presto Ultra Flyknit College Navy

Air Presto Granite

Frequent BlueScreens with Rampage II Gene Motherboard

the speakers. I also gradually loose control over the mouse pointer: the pointer twitches from one point to the other. If I'm playing a game, it lags. In seconds, the twitches become more and more frequent, the lag becomes more severe, until I cannot move the pointer at all, the screen freezes completely and I hear a looping loud noise from the speakers. The speakers emit the last noise they were producing before the screen freeze, over Nike Air Presto Neutral Grey

Air Presto Granite

Air Presto Granite

I get the Bluescreen almost every day. I use the PC for 2 6 hours every day. I don't overclock. Stock heatsink.

Air Presto Granite

Disk SSD Samsung 128 Gb + secondary Hitachi HDD 1 Tb


Air Presto Granite

Mobo Asus Rampage II Gene

After 5 10 seconds of this, the screen becomes blue:After the bluescreen, the PC automatically re boots and windows tells me I had a critical error, etc.

Sometimes the PC freezes instantly, without the mouse twitches and strange sounds. But Air Presto Granite you usually get the twitches and noises before it happens, so you always know when it is going to happen. If you are lucky, you can quickly quit the program you are running, and reboot, avoiding the bluescreen and protecting against bluescreens for the day.

RAM Corsair XMS 3 1333 x 6 Gb Memory

After the re boot or another type of "warm boot", the bluescreen does not happen that day.

Air Presto Granite

Can't remember the power supply I haveName of problem event: BlueScreenLocal ID setting: 1040BCCode: 101

Air Presto Granite

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