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You can just call me a fair weather football fan, at best.

Queen's was up.

I've been to one National Football League game in my life, a Monday night affair between the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers a few years back.

Honestly, it felt like I missed about a third of the game while running back and forth from seat to urinal.

While I was amazed by the tailgate parties and the ravenous football fans in Philly, I was less than impressed with sitting outside in the cold, with a very long hike to the men's room.

We arrived early for a birthday gathering in honour of my mother, and I turned on the Gaels game early in the fourth quarter.

I watched the see saw affair, maintaining my composure for most of the quarter.

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Yet, with each play, I found myself pulling for the Gaels.

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So you can imagine my surprise when I found myself on the edge of my seat watching the Queen's Golden Gaels and Western Mustangs in the Yates Cup on the weekend.

By the time quarterback Danny Brannagan put the Gaels ahead late, I was on the edge of my seat.

Well, my BlackBerry went nuts with updates, as it was a high scoring, thrilling affair.

more of a casual fan.

´╗┐Gaels' barnburner captivates casual football fan

I kept telling myself that if the Gaels lost, I wouldn't be subjected to another week of huge coverage.

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And the anxiety that followed with Western coming within an eyelash of winning, capped by the near heroics of injured QB Michael Faulds made it that much more dramatic.

I don't plan my Sundays around football, nor do I watch a lot of it on TV. I do gather with friends to watch the Super Bowl each year, or I might watch bits and pieces of a game at home just to scratch my sports itch, but that's about it.

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I then texted Koreen, asking him Nike Air Presto Cement Laces

I'll make sure either to ease back on the drinking or pray that there is a washroom close to our seats.

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I had only moderate interest.

I was not planning to watch the game.

As it happened, I wasn't near a TV at game time.

to send me updates.

You see, before kickoff, we had many a beer. Anyone who has had a few pints knows that cold weather and drinking means several trips to the washroom.

During a lunch stop at Mr. Sub, the game was on a television there and I watched a few minutes of the early action. At that point, Air Presto Ultra Flyknit Nike Id

Air Presto Bred

I wouldn't call myself a football fan Nike Air Presto Mid Utility Red

Air Presto Bred

You see, working at a newspaper, you sometimes become overstimulated by certain subjects. In my case, one story after another on the Gaels, combined with all the chatter around the office, left me feeling disillusioned about the Air Presto Bred big game.

My next live experience with the NFL is supposed to come next month when I will be a guest of Whig sports editor Mike Koreen as his lowly Buffalo Bills host the club I call my favourite, the New England Patriots.

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